Who Can Resist a Sunset?

Well, I hadn't intended to do another post about natural landscapes and autumn colours at this point, but I can't really resist this one. It's actually more about a natural landscape and sunset anyway, so it is a slightly different focus to my previous post!

We took a drive down to Fort Erie a few weeks ago. We tend to do this a lot, "we" these days being my husband and our dog Faris. Oh and me! We've always been in the habit of taking off, hiking and exploring, searching for interesting photo subjects as well as independent breweries! Good combination that can take you to all corners of the province, just to start.

We checked into a hotel in Fort Erie which was close to the lake - Lake Erie. This view was actually just down the street from the hotel, but it was a long street and it took about 30 minutes to walk there, When we got there we found this tiny public beach and we'd arrived just as the sun was setting. The colours were lovely and soft, at first quite bright then more subtle as the sun dropped. I liked the gentle lapping of the water, which I think you can sense in this image, and the hint of a reflection in the water that stayed behind as the waves receded.

Off slightly to the left of the first image were tons of small tree stumps and branches, embedded in the sand. They almost looked like a little forest that had been chopped down with the base left behind, rather than having been washed up. I'd be interested to find out the story behind the trees but haven't rumbled it yet. This tree above, was on the edge of all the trees and I think has an intriguing, delicate arrangement to it, which stands out against the evening sky.

And lastly, here you an see all the trees, lining the edge of the beach. You can see that a lot of them are chopped and pretty much the same height, as though someone came along with a saw and just swept across them. 

Interesting things you can find on the beach at sunset, don't you think?