Where We Are - Giving it Away!

I have a rather lovely print sitting by my desk and I've been thinking about what to do with it. I've just worked it out - I think I'll give it away!

Today I'm launching another print giveaway and on Tuesday of next week (March 23rd) I'll announce the lucky winner. I like giveaways as it gives me an opportunity to highlight certain images, showing them to people who are already interested in my work, and to introduce it to people who may not be so familiar with it.  It also gives me a chance to provide a little background on the piece.

This one is a composite image reflecting a community going though change, and the title is Where We Are. It's always interesting to see how urban areas in particular, go though stages of development and success, then decline, often having to face the challenge of reinventing themselves or never really recovering. This image has components of a number of photographs taken in Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton is a fine example of a city that had a thriving industrial past but has struggled in more recent years and is now re-emerging with a new focus on different industries, and a vibrant arts and culture scene.

Inevitably, the appearance of the place is changing quite dramatically, especially near to the city centre and waterfront. In this image the trains represent some consistency to the story, as they've been there for a long time and remain. The tracks going through the house indicate the end of some of the older housing and communities to make way for the future. The words in there emphasise this. I wouldn't normally include text but this was from a sign near to the house, promoting some of the new housing and development in that area. Like it or not, this is how it'll be....

The colours of the image are deliberately a touch on the harsh and worn side, to insinuate the struggles of the city, but there is a blue sky, even if it isn't quite how everybody would picture it.

The print for this giveaway is 18"x12" with a 1"white border. It's printed on fine art paper which gives it more of a painterly look, rather than photographic. If you want to see how this image would look framed or in another format you can take a look here

If you're on my email list, as always you'll automatically be entered into the giveaway for a chance to win this print. If you're not on my email list, you can enter the giveaway here

Have a great day, and feel free to message me with any comments or questions!