Trying to be Practical

Yes, that’s what I’ve been focusing on lately. I’d be quite happy just taking the photos, processing them and creating new ones,. But as with anything, there’s a lot more to it than that.

One thing I haven’t caught up with yet is learning everything about my new camera! That's me in the pic above, a couple of months ago (heavy coat is a giveaway!) getting to grips with it, brand new. You think I’d be a bit quicker off the mark learning all the features but there are so many and there’s only so much time in a day. Let me give you some background. 

I’ve been very happy with the Nikon D610 I’ve been shooting with for a good few years. I’d originally got it as a second one to use along with my D300s, but as the D610 was way better I quickly changed to just using that one. However, I was recently reminded again that I should have a second camera body on hand when I had a problem with this camera while I was out shooting, and had a minor panic attack. Seriously! I actually can’t even remember what the problem was now, it was so short-lived, but it was enough to motivate me to get on with getting another camera. I can't risk being out somewhere with only one camera and it won't work. Everyone needs a back-up plan!   

I hadn’t looked seriously at camera equipment in the last couple of years, apart from a few lenses I fancied the look of (and bought...), but I had actually identified my new camera some time ago. A quick review of the current state of things showed me how popular mirrorless cameras have become, and how good, but typically for me, I dug my contrary heels in and continued to drool over the D850. Mirrorless are lighter and easier to handle than the likes of the chunky D850, especially when you factor in the weight of some of the lenses. That’s no minor consideration when you’re a small person like me! Still, it wasn’t enough to change my mind. Here's the newbie, with my big and heavy, but rather excellent, 16-35 mm lense. Isn't she a monster combination?

I'm going to leave this picture and info here with you, so you can ponder. I'll be adding another instalment to my new camera story soon. Make sure you don't miss it!