The Merch is Here!

You may have noticed, if you’ve been browsing through this website, that there are a few new offerings now available. I’ve been pondering it for quite a while and rather than take the plunge I’ve decided to go ahead and ease into it. I’m talking about merchandise! You know, various items that have my images printed on them. Examples are in the photo above. 

 It can be quite a leap going from offering prints in various formats then adding more practical items like housewares, clothes, phone cases, bags and so on. Artists often see it as a distraction from their main purpose, as opposed to promotion of it, and don’t like the idea that it might cheapen their brand. There’s also the question of quality control and logistics of a different kind when dealing with merch. I think all of these came into play with me to some extent, but I've worked through them. 

 And so, here I am, or more to the point here they are! I started out with sampling five different items and was pleased with the quality of the materials and the print jobs so I’ve gone ahead with them, possibly as a starting point! All images on the website now have these options available, though some might not be suited to certain items, so if you thinking of buying one, make sure to check the previews to get a sense of how it’ll look. If you’re not sure, send me a message and I’ll be happy to walk you through it and answer any questions. 

 Here we go! 

 Phone cases – you can get snap or tough cases, glossy or matte, for many different types of phones. Just look for yours in the drop-down under “Options” after you click on the phone case icon. 

 Tote bags – available in three different sizes. My sample of this was the image “Spin” and I was well pleased with how the vibrant colours turned out. 

 Cushion covers – available in three different sizes and you can get just the cover, or you can get it with the cushion inside. You can also get them with or without a zip. 

 Puzzles – I love this! Currently only available in 10”x14” with 252 pieces but that means they’re a quick challenge! You might have to change the orientation of the image, and make sure it covers the bleed area but the instructions are built into the page and easy to follow. 

 Mugs – who doesn’t need one of these? At least one! This is not suitable for all images, especially if they’re portrait orientation, but you can rotate the image and see for yourself. 

 Make sure when you click on the items, that you go to the second step - “Options” to see how it might look, and again, feel free to fire off a message to me if you’re not sure about something. 

 Happy browsing!