Simple Decisions - Not Always As Easy As They Seem

Apparently, simple decisions should be quick and easy to make. This or that? Here or there? Just two clearly different options including one that will be an easy favourite. Not so!

I'll use the example above. This is a cropped image of a set of photographs I took a few weeks ago of the Petro-Canada plant on the lakeshore in Mississauga. I'd had my eye on it for a while as it stands out in all its industrial glory with its complex structure, perched on the edge of Lake Ontario. It's a massive site and I wanted to capture that as well as some of the intricate detail of the place. When I look at it I wonder how construction even began, who knew where to start and how all those steps, cylinders, pipes, containers etc were figured into the layout. Everything in there has a purpose, much of it beyond my comprehension. I feel in awe of the people who designed it and the people who work there.

And then I take my pictures, on a clear, sunny, but freezing cold winter day, right at the best time. Late afternoon, sun golden and beginning to set, really bringing out the best in the scene. My fingers were frozen and painful when I put my gloves back on, but I knew it had been worth it. When it came to processing the images I had a pretty decent selection to work with.

You may have noticed my tendency to often go with quite rich, warm colours, The weather and location that day made sure that's what I got. Using a polarising filter on my camera, which I usually do, helps bring out the colours even more. So when it comes to processing, it's often quite a simple matter of a few tweaks. Once the original image is done though, that's when I get into trouble. I create another version and start experimenting with colour, or start layering images for composites. I get lost in my own world.  When I come back to reality, I have to decide which image to use at that point. And there's the dilemma - I can take a while as I look at the pros and cons of each. The two images above show where I've got into this type of situation. After staring at them for a while though, I think I've decided which I prefer. Which do you like best?

Feel free to send me a message and let me know which you prefer. I'd love to have your input!