Shows are on the Horizon!

As COVID restrictions begin to ease there are signs that pre-pandemic life features are resuming, in some form. Patios are open (yay!) and some public events are carefully, delicately planning for a return from September.

I'm happy to say, some art events are on this list! I'd anticipated this when I was accepted for Riverdale ArtWalk which was planned for June 18th until July 2nd. I thought, lockdown will have just been lifted, it'll be the start of summer, people will be wanting to get out and all will be good. A perfect time for an outdoor show.  Wrong! I hadn't factored in the possibility that lockdown would go on for so long and be extended yet again. Well, who would? As it turns out, I only just missed out. The show is running at this moment, online, as restrictions are being eased, but I can make the most of that.

The image above shows the cover page to my gallery for the online show. You can find it at   Go take a look. You can also browse the work of about ninety artists overall, and there's plenty of variety. You can even connect with them (and me!) via Zoom to discuss any pieces or questions. Additionally, you can email me or message me on my various social media accounts. Do you follow me on Instagram or Facebook?

Onto the really cheerful news (drum roll, please.....). I've been accepted to show in Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Fair on September 10th - 12th and Queen West Art Crawl on September 18th -19th. Both are in Toronto and are being planned as live events! Hopefully the weather will be good for both of them and we'll really feel the joy of being outside and able to mingle. 

I'll be posting more details of both of these events as we get nearer to the date, but please put them in your calendar now. I'd love to see you there!