Seeing Shapes in Essential Services

I was reminded recently that I have a number of images that either focus on, or include, elements of power generation.  Mainly, in my case, hydro towers and wind turbines. You can even see hydro towers faded into the background of a rural composite - Seasons Change. Now, that’s a preoccupation! 

Anyway, I thought it would make sense to pull some of these images together into a small project, and add a few new ones while I’m about it. So, that’s what I’m doing! The project is called Transmission, and it looks at the complex structures and processes we have for generating and delivering power to our doors. 

Many people find the actual sight and presence of the stations, lines and towers aren't pleasing to the eye, yet we all rely on them in our day-today lives. I’m fascinated (though don’t fully understand) how the power is generated and I wonder at how anyone even knows where to begin with designing the equipment. For my part, I can appreciate the visual aspects and what they represent.

Transmission will have a range of different images, including a few matching sets. At the top of this page you can see a brand new image, and it's quite different from any of my other work. The original photo was taken on a brilliantly sunny summer day when there was a rich blue sky and the towers glistened in the sun. I’m not often a fan of clear blue skies for my images but I think it worked on this occasion. As you can see, I got a bit abstract and wanted to keep with the bright light and colours of fun and optimism. 

This and a few similar images will soon be available for purchase, so I’ll keep you posted about that, or you can check back and look at the galleries in the next week or so.