Seasonal Rules

I try not to tie myself specifically to seasons but it's hard when you do landscape photography and when you revel in the great outdoors. Each season has such distinctive characteristics and living in Canada, we certainly see vast climatic and environmental differences throughout the year. I find I can't help but watch for the arrival and departure of seasons, with great anticipation. That might be a bit of a personal flaw too, watching and waiting, but let's move on.

I love Spring! I was seriously looking forward to it over the past few weeks and I was actually out taking photos last weekend when I stopped and thought "Hold on a minute, this is Spring".  First day of spring and I almost didn't notice it. With that level of observation, we could have been in deepest summer before I realised we'd passed the spring equinox!

Luckily, I did spot it and it was on a beautiful, sunny and relatively warm day that brought out lovely muted colours and soft melting around the edges of any remaining ice covers. The photo at the top of this page highlights the ice melt. A small pond in a forested area near Thousand Islands in eastern Ontario. The birds, mostly grackles and red-winged blackbirds (the only ones I could identify), chattered and chirped like it was a new world. It was very soothing and at the same time a very inspirational scene. One that exhilarates and rejuvenates. That's what seasonal changeovers do.

These pictures were also taken just as the sun was starting to go down - the golden hour as I always think of it. That time when the sun lays down a beautiful golden light that just brings out the best in everything, vivid and strong. 

And just remember, this kind of light also works in the city, and in industrial areas. If you can't make it out to nature, just pause and take a look around you. You might see something in glorious colour that you may not have noticed before.