New Blog for a New Website

First blog on my new website! It feels like everything is starting to fall into place now, though there’s still plenty to do. I’ve set up this page to provide informal updates, background about what I’m working on, stories behind images, that type of thing.

I’m going to kick things off by going on again about the fantastic and beautiful autumn we’ve been having! As I write this, here in Toronto, it’s a brilliantly sunny day, the temperature is 18 degrees, the doors are open to let in the fresh air, and the last of the leaves are falling. I’m not sure if we should be worried about the unseasonal warmth but we’ll just have to go with it for now. 

What this all means though, is that it’s still easy and inviting to get outside, glory in the landscape and even take a few pics in the process! As well as driving and hiking around to explore new places, I find walking locally also brings up lots of material for photos. I’ve done a few social media posts over the past few weeks highlighting the colours and textures you can find walking through small wooded areas, parks and along the shores of Lake Ontario. It’s all so vibrant and refreshing and gets you to look more closely at your everyday surrounding, and really appreciate them.  The images above are examples of what I could find with just a short walk. Look at that sumac in the first pic!

Of course, not only do I like making images from our natural surroundings, but also from our built environment. Can’t beat a neglected or historic structure of some kind! I’m a little preoccupied with hydro towers and transformer stations right now, especially as they sit slap bang in the middle of industrial and residential areas. I see some interesting possibilities for composites of these features, set in autumn colours. Let’s see what I can come up with. 

The images above are not in the galleries on here but they may make it to them in some manner or form, so keep watching!