Looking at Locks

 Exploring the sights and history of Ontario inevitably involves some contact with the Great Lakes and the many waterways meandering across the Province. The kind of traffic you see on them is very varied and intriguing. I like seeing the container ships, some of them so massive, and wondering about their journeys back and forth, as well as their cargo. Did you know there’s an app for that? Just as you can track planes, trains etc, so you can track shipping. It’s called Marine Traffic. If you use it you can follow your favourite passenger and container ships as they go about their business. You can even follow entertainment craft like Theodore Tugboat! 

 Getting a good look at some ships can be easy at the various bridges and locks along the Welland Canal in Ontario. You can watch as they slowly approach the lock and go through the whole process of gates opening, the ships slowly rising or dropping with the water level then the gates opening at the other end allowing them to sail off into the distance. It’s fascinating to watch and it’s a good way to get a close-up view of a ship with all its layout and fittings, and even a chance to chat with the crew! There's usually a viewing platform or complex at the locks. You can find some information about the viewing complex at Lock 7 here. I took these images at Lock 7. There’s even the Inn at Lock 7, a small motel that has rooms with balconies facing the lock, where ship followers and spotters can while away the hours indulging their interest. I stayed there one time and found it quite comical to wake in the middle of the night to the sight of a massive ship moving slowly past the window!

 I've included a few images I took on that trip. The one above was taken after sunset, below was late afternoon and the final one at sunrise, with very volatile looking cloud coverage.