It's Freezing Out There!

Here we are at the end of another week, and already into February and deepest winter. Are you feeling it?

After the heavy snowstorm in southern Ontario last week, once it cleared, I actually headed north. I know, most people try to go south to warmer climes. Not me though, not this time.

I like exploring northern Ontario and I’m quite familiar with some parts of it. I spent the weekend up around North Bay and Sturgeon Falls, staying a few nights in Garden Village. There was plenty of snow and frozen Lake Nipissing to keep me entertained as well as positively ice-cold temperatures of around -27 celsius to keep me alert. The nice thing about the temperature was that it was about 10 degrees warmer than the previous week! 

Anyway, I did get to take some images. Clothed in plenty of layers and testing out my new Vallerret photographer gloves I ventured out into a vibrant sunrise and sunset, as well as a blindingly bright and bitingly cold Saturday afternoon sun. Very refreshing! 

I've started to edit some of the images and will be experimenting with different looks for the final pieces. The photo above - Pink? -  is one of the first ones I've edited and I took a very simple approach to it, allowing the scene to speak for itself.

Below are two phone pics taken while I was at work. Just to prove I really was there....