Got it! A Moment of Inspiration.

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently visited a nearby oil refinery and I’ve started work on some of the images I took there. Industrial plants always intrigue me with their often intricate structures and processes, along with their history and impact on nearby communities. 

I took a range of photos on these particular trips, some with a wide angle lense, and some with a long lense so I could really get into some detail. As a result, I have a number of images that seem to be evolving into small sets with a different look. 

These two images above are from one set of four abstract images, in black and white, with square formatting.  This is a bit of a departure from how I usually approach my image development and presentation but it looked like a good opportunity to try something a little different.  I’ve aimed to bring out the patterns in the pipes, adding a smoothness and clarity, as well as a bit of shine! I've made sure the dark areas retain enough light to at least give a hint of all that lies behind the first layers we see.  

Although I've done a little black and white work in the past, I haven't ventured in that direction too much. I did enjoy working on these images though, and I'm quite pleased with them, so there could be more along these lines in the future. I've even added a Black and White gallery to this web site! Right now it has the four images in this set, and there'll be a few more coming. To go take a look you can click here