Flying By

 I'm glad to say that although Summer has peaked and seems to be flying by, it isn't over yet. There's still plenty of time to enjoy getting out and about and actually, with just the slightest cooling of temperatures, it's now a bit easier! 

 For my part, I recently spent a few days near beautiful Lake Erie and had a chance to explore Point Pelee, which is the southern-most tip of mainland Canada. So beautiful! The image above - called Reach  -  was taken at the beginning of one of the numerous trails in the area, when there was heavy cloud cover and high humidity but oh, so many beautiful and intriguing natural features to look at. That spindly, curvaceous tree and its shimmering reflection just drew my attention straight away, and I do love a bit of ominous grey cloud! 

 As I walked along this trail – which was mostly a boardwalk through the marsh – the clouds opened up and the sun broke through in all its brilliance. You can see this just starting to happen in the image below.  So much change in less than an hour! I've called this image Marsh and I would say, judging by the one-word titles, I was feeling in a laconic mood when I named these two images.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer and basking in all there is to do, both natural and manmade!