It's Moody or Complicated

Stages and Towers

With the lockdown continuing I've certainly had more time to plan out a few jobs I have in the works and to continue to evolve a few particular types of images.  

I seem to have been moving from light to dark lately with some images looking all dark and moody (in a nice way!) and others, like this one above, being much lighter and airy. This is a composite - Stages and Towers - that took me a few months to finally finish (yes it is finished, in case you were wondering). It has elements of a number of images in it, mainly taken in different. more rural parts of Ontario, and in different seasons. I think you can detect the seasons in it though it does tend also look a bit wintery. I think that's in part because of the way I've digitally painted in a few features and faded others out. It gives it a kind of watercolour effect, don't you think? If you look closely, you'll also find some hydro towers and lines lingering hesitantly. It's almost as if I can't resist dropping in an industrial element!

You might be able to tell that I didn't start out with a particular final image in mind for this one, but rather let it meander and make it's own way. That's not the case in the image below - Misty Morning. I'd say this image definitely speaks for itself. 

Misty Morning

Taken in west Toronto on a cool and misty morning I aimed to capture the slightly eerie feeling in this wooded area along Elmcrest Creek. The strange thing was that just a short while later, the mist had lifted, the clouds cleared and the sun was shining. The place would have looked very different then!

Both of these images are now in galleries on this site. Click on the image and it'll fly you there! If you have any questions or comments about them, just send me a message.

Have a great weekend!