Falling for Falls


I do like a nice waterfall!

There’s something refreshing about the way the water flows down and past as you watch in wonder. Where has the water come from and where’s it going to? What path is it taking? Why is there so much water, sometimes so little, maybe even none? 

There are a numerous places you can find a whole array of falls, all with their own characteristics. Around Hamilton in Ontario, there are about 100 of them! That’s more than enough to quench anybody’s thirst for waterfalls. There are also many other beautiful falls around the province, including the lovely Inglis Falls and Eugenia Falls in Grey County, and of course, we can’t forget the iconic Niagara Falls. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Iceland has some magnificent and often substantial waterfalls, including the massive and dramatic Gulfoss and Dettifoss. The image above - titled Cascade - is the main falls at the somewhat smaller Seljalandsfoss, where the cold Icelandic water comes cascading down and plunges into a pool below then meanders off more calmy along a small river and into the distance. A lovely place. I left a few people in the image to give a sense of scale, and you can see them on the right, near the base of the falls. It's possible to walk behind this waterfall and peer through the water from the other side, but the ground was very wet and slick on this day so I decided to keep a safe distance! 

There are so many waterfalls out there and always more to discover! Do you have a favourite?