Digging a Little Bit Deeper

Following on from my previous post, I thought I'd give a bit more info about tools I use to help people work out what kind of images are right for them.

Sometimes people know exactly what they like and what they’re looking for, but others may not be so sure. They may have a wall space they need to fill, a sense of something they’d like, maybe a memory or an idea that they’d like to bring to reality, but not know how to do it. By talking with people, I try to draw out their thoughts and ideas to focus on some of the specifics that helps narrow down their area of interest. 

Another thing that helps is looking at existing pieces to get an idea of what subjects, styles and colours appeal to them. One of the advantages with the galleries at my website is that they’re easy to browse and they have great viewing options. You can look at an image and select from a range of sizes and framing options to see how it might look. There’s the simple print-only option, matted, matted and framed, or maybe you’d prefer the art-like presentation of a canvas print. Maybe a sleek and colour-sharp acrylic or the modern industrial look of a metal print. 

Not sure which? You can test them all, and in different sizes. You can view them in the wall preview to see how the print might look in different rooms – living room, office etc. You can even change the wall colour in the preview to get a better sense of how your favourite image might look! There’s also a search function to help you find an image according to you chosen colour! Yes, it sounds a lot but it flows quite well, and I’m always available to guide you around the website. Try it with this new image I've posted above - The Source - and let me know what you think.

I also like to highlight some images using the Canvy app. This is another great tool that gives me more range to show how images can look in different room setups. I find people respond really well to this type of presentation as it helps them visualise an image much more effectively, giving it a more realistic touch.