A Walk in the woods, or close enough

As I sat down to edit some images there was a thunderstorm raging outside, and hail pounding the windows. Hail! It’s ok though, I told myself, it’s a spring storm that’ll subside very soon. And so it did. I think it happened almost as a reminder that we’re still on our way to better, calmer weather but not to jump ahead. 

I say this because I’ve been enjoying the rising temperatures and spotting the spring buds during the sunny days we’ve been getting. It’s some of the best weather for walking – not too cold or too hot. These changes have led me over to High Park in Toronto a few times over the past couple of weeks, where they have lots of wooded areas to enjoy as well as gardens, yet to flourish. There’s also Grenadier Pond, with lot of marshy areas that play home to all sorts of chattering and scurrying wildlife. I’d been hoping to see a blue heron, or an egret, but alas no. Not so far, anyway. 

I took my camera there one day, hoping to capture some images as I sat and absorbed what was going on around me, but I just kept walking and twirling around taking it all in. The photographs I did take aren’t remarkable or unusual in themselves, but a nice reflection of the place and time, and some details will make it into composite images in the future. The image above gives you an idea of how it looks with all the chaotic trees and beautiful reflections on the still water.

If you’re interested in seeing a 2 minute, (very rough!) video I made another day, you can see it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twroozZtEiU&t=26s

I hope you’re getting time to appreciate the early days of spring!