2021 - Where To Go From Here

Well, that was a year we'll all remember, and a holiday season that just flew by. I won't dwell on either here as I think most people are ready to move on and look ahead to potential positives of the year to come.

I've been pondering where this will take me in terms of my photography. As you can see from the photo above, I'm still stuck in that seasonal thing where I just stare in awe at how the weather changes everything around us and how much detail there is, even when everything seems wrapped in an apparent blanket of white snow. I've given this image a slightly abstract look, along with a warm tone so you don't fee a chill when you look at it!

This one below though, isn't warm but does have a feeling of remoteness to it. It was taken at the edge of one of the small inlets on Georgian Bay, near Midland in Ontario. There'd been a heavy snowfall (much to my surprise), the lake was partially frozen, and the plants were set in icicles. Looking out across the lake, I had to be careful as it was hard to see where the land ended and the lake began. I could do without falling through the ice. It's a simple pic, but clear!

Back to my thoughts, though. I like doing the seasonal photos but as always, wonder which of them I can take a step further. I do have a few! I'll be continuing with composite images, and I'm not done with the hydro lines and towers for those yet. In fact, I'm just incorporating them into one right now! I will be exploring some slightly different content and looks though, and that will evolve over the next few months. I'll also return to doing some still life images, probably returning to the bones, flowers and lights of past work, with some new material and techniques thrown in.

I'll be watching out for any art shows that might risk planning in the early part of the year. But for now, it's all online. New pics, new chat, new sales, all here on this web site. If you want to be kept up to date, you can even sign up for my newsletter (top right of this page).

So, I hope you're all well, and I wish you nothing but the best for 2021. Let's get planning and see what 2021 has to bring us. Onward and upward!